Alarm History Table

I am using the Alarm History window from one of IA’s sample projects. I have selected “editable” for the “Notes” column, but when I add a note to an alarm event, it does not stay in the cell. What am I missing? It would be great to allow operators to add an explanation note to alarm events in the table.

I believe the notes section refers to the notes section that you see on each individual tag. This allows you to add some descriptive comments to the alarm table maybe describing what the tag is.

diat150 is correct.

That alarm history table is nothing more than some standard components bound up to looking at the alarm history data in a database. You can certainly add your own VARCHAR column to this table and plumb up the components to allow the operators to type in their own notes for any alarm event. Note that checking “editable” isn’t the end of the story. You also have to then write a script to respond to the [tt]cellEdited[/tt] event to persist that data back to the database.