Alarm History Target Function

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but the Target button on the Alarm history component does not function as I would expect it to.

The way I would like and assume it would function is to select an alarm in the list and see filter the table according to the eventid. This way I would see only the rows for when this single alarm went into alarm when it was ack, and when it was cleared.

Right now it looks like the target is filtering the dataset on the alarm source field and not the eventid field. I would hope this is not the intended function and just an oversight.

hmm…well…the intended functionality is what it does. The idea is to see the alarm history for a given tag.

But you see my point if I wanted to filter by an alarm there are several other ways to do that but there is no way to target a single event id at this time. Which would be very helpful.

Yes, I agree. Maybe we can add some more options to the target button.

Options have been added to the Alarm Journal Table for Ignition v7.6.2 rc4 or rc5. Now, when targeting a row , a popup menu is displayed which has two options: “Target Alarm Source” or “Target Event Id”. So, you can target by either source or event id.