Alarm indication on chart

For an analog tag with an alarm. Is there a way to include indication of when there was an alarm event on the chart?

You probably want my NoteChart module.


I don't suppose that impacts the Value trend seen in the alarm status page?

I would think this would mark the alarm time and or limits on the graph normally but it appears to be just a simple value trend.

It puts vertical stroke marks on the chart at the times of specified events, for which in this case you would query the alarm journal. For such a shallow chart you would need to omit the text (or most of it) and/or use a very small font.

this is the built in "alarm trends" that is part of the Alarm Status table component. Doesn't seem there is much configuration I can do on that one. Guess best call on that would be to make my own chart and fill it based on "Selected Alarms" from the alarm status table component.