Alarm Indication

I have a main screen that has several small banner displays with system names.

They would be green if that system is ok, but turn red if the system has alarms.

all my systems have different folders . In each folder I have a alarm folder with tags that have alarm properties.
If I can write Client script for each system to read those alarms that are active in that folder, then I turn red to that banner.

something like this for one system

IF“SCADA/ACI Reverb/Reverb Alarms/alarm test1” OR SCADA/ACI Reverb/Reverb Alarms/alarm test2).value =1
system.tag.write("[Client]Alarm Visable Local banner",“1”)
system.tag.write("[Client]Alarm Visable Local banner",“0”)

I know script is incorrect.

Something like this (off the top of my head, untested):

# Read alarm tags.
tags = ["SCADA/ACI Reverb/Reverb Alarms/alarm test1", "SCADA/ACI Reverb/Reverb Alarms/alarm test2"]
values = [x.value for x in system.tag.readAll(tags)]
# Turn alarm banner on if any tag values were true.
system.tag.write("[Client]Alarm Visable Local banner", True if any(values) else False)

Finally Back. It worked perfect. Thank you. Is there a way to make it Blink? Is that written in the script ?

You could use a property binding on the fill paint.

You can create a blinking color in the property to fill mapping in the binding.