Alarm Journal 7.6.6 problem

I have upgraded to 7.6.6 and have a problem with Alarm Journal.
In alarm journal I am able to see alarms from new tags I have created after update, but I am not able to see new alarms from previously created tags. Looks like previously created tags with alarms have not been updated to write themselves to the new alarm table. Because I still can see new alarms from old tags and from new tags in old alarms history table i used with queryAlertHistory, but not in a journal.

I have found what the issue is. All alarms from old tags have now after update ‘Diagnostic’ priority, alarms from new tags have priority ‘Low’.
But I still don’t understand, why Alarm Journal does not show alarms with ‘Diagnostic’ priority, because in Journal settings Min. priority is set to Diagnostic.

The problem is: new Alarm Journal doesn’t show alarms with Diagnostic priority.

I should’ve looked in gateway journal properties and adjust minimum priority there.

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