Alarm Journal and Status Component: can we easily retrieve any datasets from this table?

As my title suggests, I’m wondering if there is a way to get a dataset from the results stored in these tables? I see some older posts from 2017 here:

My hastily conducted searches make me think it’s possible, but requires quite a bit of custom scripting. It sure would be nice get the data out of these tables. Thanks for any help.

Hmm, well you should be able to get the table object from the alarm journal according to the javadocs, however when I tried, I get an error reporting the journal object doesn’t have an attribute called table. I’ll leave this for someone who actually knows what they’re talking about in terms of Java :slight_smile: @pturmel @PGriffith

If you can get the table object, then it has some methods to get the rows and columns. You might need to pack it into the dataset yourself though.

My answer hasn’t really changed since the original thread :slight_smile:

The table field on the class is protected; Python doesn’t have true access modifiers, but Java does - protected means only subclasses have access to the field, which makes it useless to any scripts you can write in Ignition. Technically, reflection lets you bypass that check, but that’s an exercise for the reader.