Alarm Journal and Timers

We’ve got an alarm journal set up to track faults from several PLCs. We’d like to track additional information on the same table (i.e. Up time for that specific timer, counter for each timer, all from tags on PLC).

Is there a simple way to do this? I see I can add associated data to the alarm, but don’t see where that’s displayed or how that’s actually used.

You can bind the associated data to a tag, an expression, or a UDT parameter. I have an associated data setup on a UDT parameter. The UDT holds a max of 1280 alarms. The associated data stores which line the alarm is associated with. I do this for ease of filters and running a specific query on the alarm events table that brings back the top 3 most occurring alarms for the current shift in real time. You should be able to bind the associated data to the label or display path using an expression binding like {associated data name}. This will provide the associated data to those columns in the table.

So in your screenshot, if I named a column “AData” on the alarm table then that data would then be associated in the table to that alarm?

I swear if it’s that simple…

Not that easy but still really easy. Attached is some screenshots. In the first screenshot as you can see in this instance my ADataVar equals Cell 16. In the 2nd screenshot you can see I am assigning ADataVar to my associated data called AData. Also in the same screenshot if you look at the DisplayPath property you can see I have my associated data AData assigned to the DisplayPath. This will make DisplayPath ultimately equal what my UDT parameter ADataVar equals. In the 3rd screenshot you can see after I forced this alarm to go true that now Cell 16 which was ADataVar is now being displayed under the DisplayPath. You can do the same thing with the Label property if you don’t want to overwrite the original DisplayPath. You can also concatenate associated data using the expression binding to add more than 1 into a single property. Hope this helps.

I appreciate the help, though this looks a bit different than mine. The table I have looks like this:

The UpTime column is something I added to play around with, but obviously nothing is being saved there, hence this post.

When setting up my alarm, it looks like this:

I might not be explaining this well either, so I apologize. I’ll keep trying to piece this together from what you’ve shared.

You are in ver.8. Mine is in ver.7. It should still be possible. Some of the syntax between the versions is different.