Alarm Journal as widget fails to reload in 8.1.24

Alarm Journal does not reopen correctly when used in the dashboard, a gentle resize does it, any ideas ?

Lots of ideas, but we need to know about the structure of the View the Journal Table lives in. Please provide information about the structure of the View. Is it a Flex Container? Coordinate? What are the dimensions the Alarm Journal Table has defined.

Do you have a place where I can drop the project ?

We don't need the project, just the singular View which is being used for the Widget which contains the Alarm Status Table. If you don't want to place that here on the forums, you can click the picture for my profile and send it to me as a private message. (67.6 KB)
No problem, wasn't sure about how you preferred it, I have also added a power chart view which also "fails" let me know if you need more

What version of Ignition are you currently using?

8.1.24 as it says in the header :woozy_face:

So sorry; I read only the content - not the title. While using your Views on 8.1.24 I don't encounter the same issue.

You'll need to reach out to our Support team for further troubleshooting. (2.8 MB)

OK thanks, I will look into it in week 6 when I return from the Italian alps :skier: :snowboarder: :wine_glass: