Alarm Journal at System startup

Hi everyone,
I’m using Ignition 7.9.12 (b2019070213). My customer is complaining that each time he powers the PC on and the Gateway starts, the Alarm Journal gets full of alarm records saying that that specific alarm is in the Clear state. Reading through the Alarm Journal I confirm that just after gateway startup, each and every alarm defined in the gateway gets logged as Clear. My alarms are defined as Bit State alarms on 32 bits words. The guy who is responsible for the PLC programming, says that he is sure that at system startup no ON->OFF front takes place for alarm bits.

Any idea?
Thanks in advance, regards

Do you have the system set to ‘persist alarms’? Check Config → Gateway Settings:

Hallo PGriffith, sorry for being so late back to you. I did the configuration you suggested, but unfortunately after checking on site this morning, the Clear state alarm log entries appear every morning after PC power on.
Any further suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Hallo Mr PGriffith, I’m back to you on this topic some months later. Unfortunately my customer is still complaining about alarms issue at system startup. As I told you in my last answer, I checked that the Persist Alarms parameter is set to off.
As a workaround I thought to delete all alarms in the journal between 8:00 pm (stop working hour in the evening) and 7:00 am (start working hour in the morning), but I don’t like it very much. I hope you have some more suggestions.

(Ignition: 7.9.12 (b2019070213))

Thanks in advance, regards

Have you been in contact with support? This forum isn’t an official support venue. I should have directed you that way in the first place.

No, no contact yet: how to do it?


Thanks, Mr PGriffith, I will contact them

Do you solve the problem with support? I have same problem but in version 8.1.10.
At event evt:System Startup I see all alarms defined in Ignition to active.

Hi @g.bonomini, unfortunately I had no success. My workaround:in the Gateway Startup Script I programmed a python that after 5 seconds from the start (that cannot be a precise time interval) clears all records in the alarm_events table with an eventflags field of Cleared Event AND with a timestamp which points to the same interval. This solution has been accepted by the customer and we are happy with that.