Alarm Journal Error

[size=120]I have an Alarm Journal and I getting this error:

[attachment=2]alarm journal error.jpg[/attachment]

Is turned red but is still functional, I use “run diagnostic” and I get this:

[attachment=1]alarm journal error2.jpg[/attachment]

In the console I get this:

[attachment=0]alarm journal error3.jpg[/attachment]

I need help with this, I don’t know why this happen.

I reinstall Ignition but I still getting error on the alarm journal.

This error occurs always when I select an alarm and select “focus on selected alarm” or when I filter the priority of the alarm.


I installed Ignition in another pc and I have the same problem.

This is a known bug and has been fixed for 7.6.7. We will release the first release canditate for 7.6.7 in a few weeks.

The bug is caused by changing the filtering parameters while an alarm is selected in the table, so in the meantime try and avoid this.