Alarm Journal Event Flag Definitions


Is there a full description of all possible eventflags in the alarm journal eventflags table?
The manual shows definitions for bits 0, 1 and 2 in

I’m seeing eventflags of 28 in my alarm journal alarm_events table. This would be bits 2, 3 and 4.
It looks like these are generated on a gateway startup. Looks like all configured alarms that are not active when the gateway is started are logged to the alarm_events table with eventflags = 28 and eventtype=1.

This is in Ignition V7.9.4

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Good catch – I’ll get the docs updated.

Bit 3 is IS_ACKED_FLAG and bit 4 is IS_CLEAR_FLAG. These were added in 7.8.5 to make the Alarm Journal behave more consistently.

Hi Kathy

You mean to say that 7.9.5? We are facing same problem, please confirm.

IS_ACKED_FLAG was added in 7.8.5. IS_CLEAR_FLAG was added in 7.9.3 or 7.9.4

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We are thinking that this is a bug in 7.9.4 and it was fixed in 7.9.5, hence i have asked that it is 7.8.5 or 7.9.5.
Is there any solution to fix this issue, as we are getting lot of false alarms on gateway restart and those are not cleared from alarm status table?

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Your best bet is to contact support with this.

Hi Kathy and Dhananjay,

If possible, can you post the results back to this thread? I am also still interested in the conditions and rules that drive the alarms to be re-triggered at gateway startup for all configured alarms.

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