Alarm Journal in perspective is not showing any data

Hi, I am trying to use the alarm journal component in perspective. The alarm status table works well but the alarm journal shows nothing at all. I configured the alarm journal within the gateway, set up alarms in the alarm section in the designer. Is there another configuration missing here? Also, what is the big difference between alarm journal and alarm status apart to history ?


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Hi Stephane, needs to match the journal name.

Well, I’d say you already hit the nail on the head, although the Journal can also display system events.


Hi, thanks a lot for the hint! It worked like a charm!
you saved my day :slight_smile:
However, why the Alarm Summary do not need to get work?

Because the alarm summary component shows currently active alarms, not historic alarms, so it doesn’t have to read the journal (history)


The of what?

I’ve create my alarm status table too but this one doesn’t have a I had an alarm yesterday and it shows in alarm status table but not in journal.

Yes, as this thread already mentions, the alarm status table is always a live view of all alarms on the system (subject to filtering via extension function). Whereas the alarm journal table is only a view of the alarms that have been logged to a specific journal (subject to the filtering properties of that journal and the filtering extension function).

I understand that!
My problem is that I have no alarm in my alarm journal even if I have record one in my alarm status table.

Are you sure the journal name is correct in your component’s properties? Have you double-checked the alarm journal properties to ensure that the alarm you expect to have been logged was actually logged?

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My component name is the default one: Journal