Alarm Journal Local and Remote

I see you can setup Alarm Journal Profiles with a remote alarm journal on a remote gateway or a local data source.
How would you go about setting up a system so that you can have both local logging, as well as to a remote journal, so that all the alarm events are logged to each of them?

Is it just as simple as making two alarm journal profiles, one pointing to the local DB and the other pointing to the remote journal?

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Hii cmason,

you got the solution for this?

we are also stuck on this point. if you got the solution please share so we can also implement?

thank you

No I didn’t get around to doing anything with this or making a suitable working around :confused:

Here is the solution for sync.

  1. First you would need to create a Gateway Network connection between the Edge and central Gateways. The direction of the connection does not matter, but port TCP 8060 will need to be open on both servers for the connection to be successfully established.

  2. On the Edge Gateway, you will need to copy the name of the central Gateway exactly as it appears on the Gateway Network connections page (not the IP address, but the actual name of the Gateway).

  3. On the central Gateway, you will need to copy the names of the:

3a) Tags->Historical Provider that you want Tag History to store to.

3b) Security->Auditing profile that you want to store Audit information to.

3c) Alarming->Journal that you want to store Alarm information to.

  1. On the Edge Gateway, you will enter those string values that you copied in the above steps into the appropriate sections (Remote Gateway Name, Remote History Provider Name, Remote Audit Profile Name, Remote Alarm Journal Name), and save the settings.