Alarm Journal not working

I’m new to Alarm Journals. I get the below error message when setting up my Alarm Journal Table. Also shown below is my Alarm Journal Profile, journal properties and my Database connection. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I’m using Ignition version 7.9.9

There should be a more descriptive error in the designer (Help -> Diagnostics -> Logs) or gateway (Status -> Diagnostics -> Logs) logs giving more context on why the alarm journal fetch failed.

Contact me tomorrow at work and I can straighten this out for you.

OK Mike, I will call you today

I am getting the exact same thing when I try to add the alarm journal. Any ideas?

Did you create the alarm journal on the gateway config page?

Late by more than a year but will help future visitors …
Check the Designer logs as mentioned by @PGriffith , in my case I saw this:

By default the Journal name is Auto but it does not work so I have to give it the journal name as configured in the Gateway webpage:


@bayswimmer Hi, did you get the answer, I have the same issue for 8.0. Really appreciate!