Alarm Journal Printing

Looking for help on if anyone has a code snippet to print the alarm journal from what the operators select using the date range object.

Tried a few of the other ones I found on the forum but everything I find is from a while ago. Hoping there is an easier way.

Just an update.

I called into tech support to get this working and the best way to do this is through the Reporting Module (which I did not think of)

Super easy to do and use Print feature on a button.

Actually replaced the Alarm Journal graphic with this report as it is a lot nicer.

Care to share how exactly you do it?
Think that many will benefit from this…:+1:

Create the report - Select Alarm_Journal as a data source - Add Table Component to the report - I used EVENTTIME , Display Path, Ack’edBy and Current state as the 4 columns.

Created an Alarm History Screen in Vision - Put the Report Viewer Component on screen - Added a Date-Range component to screen tied the End Time and Start time to the report viewer component

Added a Button to the screen with the following on Action Performed.

report = event.source.parent.getComponent(“Report Viewer”)

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