Alarm journal profiles and audit profiles

Why someone would create multiple alarm journal profiles or multiple audit profiles if there is no way to select what event goes in what journal?

In our case, we serve multiple customers in a hub and spoke architecture where each customer has his own database in a centralized database server that we own. The goal is to be able to easily send a data backup to any customer that may request it.

It would be very useful for us to be able to send alarm and audit events to specific journals based on bindable properties. This way, we would split the data among multiple databases. Then, alarm and audit events would be part of a customer data backup.

In 7.6.3 and later you can filter what events go into an alarm journal.

When you create or edit an alarm journal in Gateway > Config > Alarming > Journal, there’s a section called “Data Filters”. You can filter by alarm source or display path, using comma separated lists for multiple matches. Some clever naming of your alarms will give you very good control over what goes into any one alarm journal.

Is there any way to have data filter which is negating the criteria. I need to collect in a journal all the alarm, except alarms with name like xxx, and in another journal, all the alarms with name like xxx