Alarm Journal Queries Slow

We have been having issues with slow response times in Ignition which appear to be stemming from the alarm journal logging in Ignition. The queries for the alarm journal are almost always the top longest queries in Ignition and wanted to see if there was something I could do to minimize that impact?

Do you have direct access to the database? Can you run these queries in a work bench and look at the execution plan? I don’t know how/if Ignition sets up indexes on these tables, but normally a well placed index can speed up database execution plans.

Alternatively, how many records do you have? Might be time to prune old records.

I do have direct access to the database. I will have to check the execution plan to see if there is something I can see. As far as record go there were two tables for this journal and the had ~3 million and ~20 million record each which I had just pruned down to around 2 and 12 million but that has not shown any positive impact.

There need to be indices on the columns referenced in the WHERE clause. At least for eventtime.

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