Alarm Journal Sort By Event Time DESC

To anyone who can tell me how I can have the Alarm Journal Component sort DESC on Event Time by default,
I will buy you multiple beers at ICC next week :slight_smile:

You could perhaps need to use :

do dive into the underlying table component.

table = event.source.parent.getComponent("Alarm Journal").getComponent(0).getComponent(0).getComponent(1).getComponent(0).getComponent(0).getComponent(0)

	0 #column index
	, True #reset other sorts applied to table
	, False #ascending?

Not guaranteed to work between different Ignition versions, and it doesn’t graphically update (no descending icon on the table itself).


That worked great except eventtime is actually column 4
I owe you some beers!

I’m trying to use this script on version 7.9.6 & not having any luck.

I wasn’t sure exactly where you intended for this script to be added, but when I try to add it as an “internalFramActivated” on the window containing the alarm journal, I get the error:
“getComponent(): 1st arg can’t be coerced to int”

Any help is appreciated.

Put it in the filter custom event on the alarm summary control.

This is still working in v8.1.26 and IT DOES graphically update: there IS descending icon on the table itself.