Alarm Journal Table - Bind Custom Dataset

I’m attempting to bind a custom alarm dataset to an alarm journal table.

Using .setAlarms(dataset) doesn’t seem to work. The dataset gets changed briefly but is never refreshed in the table, and gets overwritten by the next binding update.

Is there a way to bind a static dataset to self.alarms() while disabling the existing queryJournal-style update? I found unbind in the SDK, but am not sure if that’s what’s needed. The unbind method also requires a reference to the Binding instance, which I am unsure how to get.

Any advice is well appreciated, Thanks!

Did you ever get anywhere with this? I’m looking to do something similar where i have built up a large dataset using multiple instances of system.alarm.queryJournal, and i want to display them all one AlarmJournal component, while disabling the default binding.

Negative. Still interested in what customization are supported here.