Alarm Journal Table Filter Issue

I’m having a minor issue with the Alarm Journal Table component.
I’m using the built in filtering method by pressing the “filter” icon built into the bottom right of the component.

When I type in a filter string and press enter or tab, it does not apply the filter.
If I change focus by clicking on the “Priority” drop down or clicking on one of the “Events” check boxes then the filter will be applied.

I would expect that typing in the filter string and pressing enter or tab should apply the filter.
Please let me know if I’m missing something.

Ignition Version 7.7.4 (b2015033012)

Thank you,

I am not seeing the same behavior. If I place a string value in the Search box and press Enter I see the string value populate in the Search String property. The same if I press the Tab key. Can you reproduce this issue if you create a new Alarm Journal Table?


I did some further testing on it.

It works fine if I uncheck the Project Properties -> Client -> User Interface -> Hide Menu Bar.
With this option checked, however, pressing tab or enter after entering filter text does not cause the focus to move to the next control and therefore does not trigger an update.

For my application I have no need for the menu bar so I have it hidden to maximize the usable screen size.

Thank you,