Alarm Journal Table in Report not showing correct values

I created a table in a report for alarm journal values - but the report does not display the time, only the date. Also the label, which is displayed correctly in an alarm journal table, does not display, only shows N/A.

Can anyone help?

In your table select the cell your date is in, and in the properties menu there should be an option to set the date format. Also make sure the column is wide enough since it might cut off data.

I’m not sure on the N/A though, might be a configuration with the datasource or the table. I’d look at the report in preview mode. The XML should help you see what data it is trying to use.

Looking at the XML, the field “Label” shows null - however, when I look at the Alarm Journal table in the client, the labels are there - see below. Also, the eventTime in the XML shows the time and date, but the field on the report only shows the date, and is not in the same format

I reset the date properties, and it is displaying ok now. But, still showing null on the label, looking at the tag and alarms, the label is there for each alarm.

I used the displayPath - that works, see below. Will apparently have to use this, is a little confusing showing the tag and label, but at least its there.