Alarm journal table translation - terms from datae popup - one is missing?

Ignition 8.1.1

Hi @ynejati,

In the alarm journal table translation, for the date popup, I can’t translate
“Select start Date”. Other terms of the popup are well translated.


If ever I try to add "Select start Date - ":


Remove All can be translate “Supprimer Tous” in french but the button’s size is to small.

term rows doesn’t work as translation key, what is the key to use ?
same question for the key FILTERS ?

First, Last, Jump to: can’t be translated too.

Hey, sorry for the delay. Alarm table translations will be available in 8.1.3. This will include the realtime and historical range picker and pager as well. Perspective currently does not abide by the translation settings, but we are aware and have created a separate issue for that. As for the size of the “Remove All” button, you make a good point. We’ll see what we can do about that. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for the feedback. I stay tuned for 8.1.3 !