Alarm Journal update time

Hello for all!
How often the Alarm Journal updates his values? Where i can change this time?

I am create an alarm tag, make alarm and in Alarm Status Table it shows after 1 sec. I want that the same time can be in Alarm Journal.

Now Alarm Journal updates only when i make logout/login in Vision or when save/update project or when i am close the window and opens it again in designer.

Ignition 7.7.1 x64

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Hello? Need answer!

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As noted in the user manual for the Alarm Journal Table -

Pat’s suggestion is correct. If you do not bind the start/end dates to something then these properties will not update until you close and re open the window. You will want to at least place an expression on the end date to make the component poll. Something like


would make the component poll once a second

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Thanks, will try.

Hi, I am also having this same similar issue with updating my Alarm journal every 30 secs. I have included a date range and binded it with the alarm journal, also i cannot poll updates every 30 sec even after including the expression of now() on the date range.

Please i need assistance. Also is it possible to update the alarm journal without binding it with the date range.

It is not possible to make the Alarm Journal Table poll unless you use bindings on the StartDate or EndDate properties. Check out how the now() function works for more information on polling.

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How can i update alarm journal table once every 20 seconds ?

Set the EndDate property to now(20000)

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Thank you for the reply. But I am having few doubts on the update for table condition .

  1. By using now(20000) will it update once every 20 seconds after the journal window is opened ?
  2. How can i update at 30th Second and 0th seconds ( i.e every 2:00,2:30,3:00.3:00 so on…)

Or We have any other way (Window update at every 30Seconds)


Yes. See the manual entry for now() expression function.

That gets a bit more complex:

if (getSecond(now()) >= 30,
	toDate(dateFormat(now(),"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:30")),
	toDate(dateFormat(now(),"yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:00"))

Why this command is not working for me, as long there’s a new active alarm it always show up on my alarm journal, please i need help. Thanks!

Hi marcg,

I have the same issue, did you get this issue fixed? Thanks!

Please show how you are trying to use it.

Like JordanCClark says:
Use now(30000) in order to get each 30s, then you’ll have the time. If you want exactly at 1:00, 1:30. 2:00, 2:30 you’ll need to type code. But, you really need at the exact time pick the alarms?¿ This is other question.
For a period of 30s samples, I use like JordanCClark said: now(30000) it doesn’t matter if is at exact 1:00 - 1:30 - …, is only the period.
Trying to help

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