Alarm Journal VS Alarm Status table on current state


I have a query to confirm my understanding of the alarm status table and the alarm journal. So on my SCADA project, I have 2 screens one holding the Alarm journal to act as the ‘alarm history’ page, the following image shows the entry for an alarm.

This same alarm is shown on the alarm status as:

I know that the true state of this alarm has been cleared ( and still unacknowledged). The client is confused to why the alarm history states that the current state is being active? - Is this because an entry is made in the historian for only when its gone active and stays that way?
The configuration for this is nothing special, it’s with following the documented manual.
Is there something I’m missing here? Is concerning that i’m practically publishing false information to the client with the alarm journal

Using ignition 8.1.7 with the vision client

Are you updating the start/end times? The alarm journal table does not automatically refresh.

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The properties of the alarm history on behaviour, start date and end date are linked to a date range component on the same screen. The date range has an automatic start up mode:

Is it influenced by the tag’s History settings? I can assure these ‘test’ alarms have been cleared and acknowledged. but are being saved as active/unacknowledged on the journal

It seems the alarm journal table shows the time of the event going Active instead of it the time it is acknowledge and already cleared

@JordanCClark , Is the alarms journal able to record the time of acknowledgment?

How are your filters for the journal table set?

You can only assure that by querying the table directly.