Alarm Label - Show value when alarm went active

Using Ignition 7.9.11

I need to configure setpoint alarm labels that display what the monitored value was at the time the alarm went active. I’ve tried using a reference to the tag: {[.]myValueTag]}, and a reference to the evaluation property: {Value}. However, this value will change when the alarm state changes to acknowledged or cleared. I need the value to always read what it was at the time of the active event.

Is there a way to update an Associated Data variable within an Alarm Pipeline script?

My use case is that I need to display to operators:

  1. The name of the alarm
  2. The description of the alarming tag
  3. The value of the setpoint
  4. The value of the tag when the alarm went active

In the Alarm Status component I can’t keep the value portion of the label from updating at each alarm status transition.