Alarm log table

Is there a way to customize the auto generated alert_log table for alerting.

I want to add another column in table to describe the alarm so on my report it is much readable. The alarm message/description is coming from a SQLTag. Is this possible? Can I intercept the alert logging event before it stores the records into the database?

You can’t get it to create it for you but you should be able to add columns for personal use after it has been created.

So I guess I’ll have to manually update the row after a record has been inserted. Is there a way to intercept the alert logging event?

Dave do you think I can achieve this using Transaction Group?

You cannot intercept the alert logging event, it is behind the scenes. You can handle this with transaction groups but you will have to implement adding and updating alerts in the database which is a lot of work.

Is it possible to create a transaction group that inserts and updates multiple OPC tags into one column? I have around 250 alarm messages on the PLC that I would like to use on my report. Since what I would like to do it not easily possible. I’m planning on storing the alarm messages into a separate table and just SQL join it with the alert_log table when generating a report.

No the standard and history groups only work with one row of data. The block data group works with multiple rows but it will be tricky to only insert rows where the alert is active. You might just be better of creating gateway tag change event scripts that inserts a row into the database when it goes active and updates the row when it clears using scripting.

Thanks Travis I will try that out.