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My wish is: "Alarms+Solutions" management.

When the maintenance Engineer/Technician clicks the Alarm, it must automatically pull up the relevant maintenance wiki page with possible solutions and video.

In short, smart SCADA vendors and SI’s must offer an “AI powered auto wiki maintenance module” as part of their solution to make money.

Yes my ARSCADA module will have a provision to display an HTML help page link and a associated videos for maintenance near the equipment on panoramic view of a section of the plant. The alarms associated with an equipment will automatically take you to the corresponding AR screen.

Sorry to repeat again. If you want to sell your product, give demo license. Let clients evaluate and decide.

Agreed, but there are enough information and videos on my web site to help them get interested and request for an eval version! Should I put a download link for eval version? First few SI’s may need a hand holding and training as well.

This is actually easy to do, the Alarm summary control has a selected alarms dataset.
So you code a custom property that grabs the display path or source, use that to do a lookup against a table that grabs the relevant help information. Then have a document viewer next to the alarm summary that shows the help doc.