Alarm Name displayed in Alarm Journal Table instead of Label

Hi all,

I am using the Alarm Journal and Alarm Journal Table for the first time in Ignition 8 and I noticed something in the Alarm Journal Table object.

It seems to display the value of the Alarm Name property in the Label column, except when the Current State is “Active, Acknowledged”, in which case it shows the value of the Label property in the Label column.

Here is the Alarm configured in a Udt showing the Name and Label:

Here is a screenshot from the Alarm Journal table. In this case the alarm became active, was acknowledged manually in the Alarm Status object, and then was cleared:


In this case the alarm became active and then was cleared with no user acknowledgement:


Is there some configuration I am missing, or could this potentially be a bug? Thanks in advance for all replies.

Following up on this since I just noticed the same problem in 7.9.11
This was a bug that was fixed in 7.9.12

If this was fixed in 7.9.12, it came back in 8.1.15…
I got the same issue and can’t figure if I can fix it or if I’ll have to rename all my alarms.
Any tips?

Make sure you have the Static Config property enabled for the Alarm Journal. You can confirm this on the Gateway Webpage > Config > Alarming > Journal.

Perfect, thanks!