Alarm Name, Label and Ack user in Database

I am not able to view the columns like Alarm Name, Label and Ack user in the Database,
Which configuration I need to enable these columns in the Alarm database.

They are in two separate tables. Join them with SQL to get the details..

following on this thread - are default Alarm properties such as 'Label', and custom properties such as 'Associated Data' stored directly in either two default database tables?

Even after enabling the four Event Data storage options in the Journal config page of the Gateway, the two database tables still only have the same data columns available.

Is there something else needed to store and access those properties?

They end up in separate rows of the alarm_event_data table, but only if you've selected the "static config" and/or "dynamic config" options in the journal definition.


I dont really understand, I have enabled both of these settings in the GW, as well as the associated data options, but I still am not seeing them in my DB.

I expected the additional data (label, associated data, etc.) to be stored as additional columns of the row for each new alarm event?
It doesnt seem to matter which of the radio boxes I check in the GW config page of the Journal, the DB tables always keep the same fields of alarm data for each event.

Am I being a dummy and missing something obvious!?

Default Alarm Tables in db

No, additional rows in alarm_event_data, one per property, with the property in propname. You need to join the id from alarm_events with the id in alarm_event_data.


Aaaah right, I see the pattern now. Because I was only glancing at the table data, sorted by oldest at the top, I didnt see the new rows with the property names I was after being entered at the bottom of the table.

Thanks for clearing that up