Alarm Name on New Journal and Alarm Status Components

Hey guys,

I started folding my projects over to the new 7.6 release and noticed that on the new Alarm components (the Journal and Alarm Status table) they only show the display path. It would be nice to have the option to show the alarm Name as well.

I use the displayPath to sort alarms into different areas of the plant and on these new components all of the alarms look exactly the same, you have to click on the details button to actually see what the alarm is.

Perhaps I’m using the display path incorrectly but I’d rather not have to change 500+ alarms… Just a suggestion.

Other than that, I was fairly impressed at how much stuff made the transition without issue. I thought it was going to be a nightmare (I do have a lot to change in the alarming, but there’s no getting away from that). You guys should be commended on your hard work making sure legacy stuff transitions well to the newer systems. Thanks!