Alarm name special char


I store a tag JSON config in my MySQL DB. When I get it in a script and use system.util.jsonDecode() I have some trouble in my alarm name.

My tag JSON stored in DB :

"name": "Conso réelle supérieure à l'attendue (3j cumulés)"

The same alarm name in my created tag :

Thanks for your help


"name": u"Conso réelle supérieure à l'attendue (3j cumulés)"

I can’t do that because I get my tag json config from my DB. So alarm_name is stored in a variable.

tagCnf = system.db.runScalarQuery("SELECT jsonConfig FROM alarms WHERE id = 1")
tagCnf = system.util.jsonDecode(tagCnf)

Does your database column that stores your json have a unicode compatible encoding set up? Like UTF-8?

My table config below :

When I want to change “config” encoding in utf8_general_ci, it shows me message below.

You’ll have to look in MySQL docs how to deal with that. You may even have to re-create the DB with option for another character set, IIRC.

Maybe someone else here who likes MySQL will chime in.