Alarm Names Allow Forward Slashes

We recently had some issues with a few alarms in our project due, indirectly, to some alarms being named with forward slashes ("/"). According to support, it sounds like allowing forward slashes in the name is expected behavior, but I didn’t get any clarification as to why before the ticket was closed. I’m more just curious if there is a use case for allowing forward slashes in alarm names that I’m not aware of, given that Ignition hides all the text to the left of the “/”?

From the manual:

Alarm Names and Forward Slashes

Alarm names can make use of forward slashes ( “/” ). However the alarm name property throughout Ignition is designed to only show characters after the rightmost forward slash. Assume you name an alarm with the following:


The alarm name property (as seen on the various alarm table components, Tag Browser, and various alarm scripting functions) will omit “one” and “two”, leaving the alarm name as:


This behavior can be confusing, but is easily avoided by not using forward slashes in alarm names.