Alarm notes in HTML

Running 7.6.2. All of my alarm tags have HTML formatting on the text in the Notes property and I’ve noticed that the notes are displayed differently in the Alarm Status Display component depending on where you look. The HTML formatting is ignored in the “Notes” tab of the Details popup, but it is not ignored if you choose to add the column to the table and also in the Details tab of the Details popup.

The main reason I want to use HTML is so that the text will wrap around when you open up the Notes tab in the Details popup. Previous to 7.6.2 you could get around this by creating a separate text box and referencing the notes of the selected alarm. I couldn’t find a way to re-create this workaround in 7.6.2. Any ideas?

There is a ‘Notes Area Location’ property on the Alarm Status component that can be set to Hidden or north/south/east/west. You could even bind that property to something else like a checkbox to show the notes field when the user wants.

Ok. I think that is a new feature in 7.6.3? I’m still on 7.6.2 and I don’t see that property anywhere.

I can’t check right this minute, but I thought it’s been there since 7.6.0… :scratch: You have to change your property filter to ‘All’ to see it though.