Alarm Notification by DECT Phone

We have a DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) system in the plant with a scriptable PABX unit accessible on the network. The ultimate aim is to be able to notify these DECT phones about alarm events.
As alarm notifications only cater for sms and email, the idea was to send an email to a mailbox and run a script when an email is received in the mailbox to communicate with the DECT system.
The main issue then is determining which phone is to be notified. The simplest solution would probably be to insert details (name or contact detail etc) of the user currently being notified (from a roster) inside the pipeline notification block. Is there a way to do this? It seems only properties relating to the event itself can be passed into the message.
Or is there a way someone has achieved something similar?

Also, is there anyway to bind the “From Address” of a notification block to an expression?



Have you considered using the voice module and a VOIP to POTS adapter, you could then dial directly to each handset and alert with voice. You can use normal roster system and alarm pipelines, with conditions if the phone is not answered and if the alarms are not acknowledged etc.

I’ve used the voice Module and once its set up how you need it, its very good.