Alarm notification - calculated roster type

I want to use a notification block with calculated roster type. In particular, I would like to add the language so that the voice notification can use the correct language (Spanish).
I was thinking something like
user1 = { “username”: “mary”, “email”:[“”], “language”:[‘es_ES’]}

Any idea of a correct syntax?

Thank you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this is possible with the current implementation of calculated rosters. I’ve added you to an internal bug ticket tracking that change - if you get in contact with support, they can also set things up so you get an email once a fix goes in.

It’s a pity…Thank you Paul.

Better late than never, as of 8.1.8 you’ll be able to pass language in the extraProps key for the calculated roster, which will allow you to specify a language for voice notification.

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As you say, better late than never :wink:

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Any chance you could add a per-recipient timezone preference for formatting times? :slight_smile:

Have you seen my hacked up method to make it work as-is? I would love to not need that.

Hmm…that’d be a separate feature request, but is possibly doable. Maybe make an ideas post for it? We’d probably want to do it ‘right’ by introducing a Timezone top-level user property, which sounds like a whole kettle of fish.

We’re already falling down that hole. Once we created a per-user timezone setting, users expected all the Perspective views to pay attention to it. It’s an interesting challenge. We’ve had to explicitly flag some views as being in UTC, and others we had to pre-format the times to strings to prevent the automated formatter from using the wrong timezone.

Ideas post made: