Alarm Notification: Clear notify only contacts who were Active notified


My Active alarm pipeline goes through the roster notifying one contact at a time (using a non-zero Delay Between Messages and Direct Roster), with the Dropout Conditions as Acknowledged, Cleared, and Shelved. I am trying to have my Clear pipeline only notify contacts in that roster that were notified for the Active Message.

For example, operators A, B, and C are on the roster when an alarm becomes active. After A is notified, they acknowledge the alarm, stopping the Active pipeline. After the alarm clears, only A should be notified of the Clear.

Would I have to dynamically create a roster through using a Script Block to accomplish this, or is there an easier way?


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Hi there,

I have just implemented this functionality on a project by using the database to track users who have already been notified.

I am using a calculated roster, and in my block I insert the EventID and userID into the database after the user is notified.

Then in my clear pipeline I SELECT all the rows with that EventID, build a calculated roster, notify all those users, then delete the rows from the database.

Hope that helps!


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