Alarm Notification Display Path not showing up in email

I have an alarm set up with just a Name; the Label and Display Path field are blank, which is the default.

When this alarm is active, the default Display Path shows up on the Alarm Status page.

The default alarm notification email uses the same property, but the message does not display the correct path.

At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss}, alarm “{name}” at “{displayPath}” transitioned to {eventState}.

I would like the email message to show the same Display Path as the one on the Alarm Status page for alarms with blank Display Path properties.


In your alarm pipeline that is sending the email, if you change the notification message away from the default that uses {displayPath} and replace that one variable with {displayPathOrSource} it should function like the alarm status table.


I’m not going to ask why {displayPath} doesn’t work in email, but works in alarm status; I’m just glad there is a simple solution for it :grinning: :+1:

I want to display label, but it does not work, it just default back to name.
So annoying.