Alarm notification pipeline and HTML text

Good morning,

I would like to ask how is possible to send Email using the HTML, I try to add but it manage it as a simple text.

Thank you

I don't know if the notification block allows this, but you can use a script block and`

I use this for daily alarm summaries, formatted with html.

First of all write ín (Sripting)(Project Library) a function, that returns the HTML you want to send for the Message. Then create in (TagBrowser)(default) a (New Standard Tag)(Memory Tag). Then in (Expression) of the new Tag. Type the following "runScript("(Scriptingfolder from (ProjectLibrary))(your Function)",0,{possible Variables},False)". In the Alarm that should be put to HTML create in (Assiosated Data) a new Tag in which you bind the previous created HTML Tag. In the Notification Block, in the Alarm Pipeline, you write the in (Assiosated Data) created tag in braces '{}' in the Message Field. if there is an easier and better way, I dont know, If it is this is not good explained, tell me. Then i make a demo Project with screen-shots