Alarm Notification Pipeline - Calculated Roster

Couple of questions about how the Alarm Notification Pipelines work. I have watched the Inductive University videos about them but still have a few questions:

  1. When using the Calculated roster type to loop through users in a database, do the column names in my database have to match that of the syntax for possible key value pairs?
    Say for example that my database stored user contact info under the table UserContactInfo and has the columns of user_email and username. Does it matter that my database column names do not match the syntax in the image above?

  2. Is it possible to use the system.db.runNamedQuery rather than system.db.runQuery so that I could pass parameters into the query? (I haven’t tried this yet, but I am leaning towards its not possible as I have yet to see any examples using it and the User Manual doesn’t offer an example). If it isn’t possible how am I supposed to filter the alarms or pass a parameter to help filter them?

It is possible I have missed something with understanding how this is supposed to work but the ultimate goal of my Calculated roster type is to be able to send notifications for Faults to specific users based on a query. Say for example they have an incomplete job at their work area and after a certain amount of time has passed they need to be notified before attempting to move something on to the next work area. So it is like an assembly line, before a part can move on to the next work area it must be completed at the current one (removing flashing from a cut piece of metal before moving to be inspected in the next work area).

  1. No. Your database can have any column names it wants. But you must end up with the expected keys in the dictionaries.

  2. Yes, use runNamedQuery if you like. You can also use runPrepQuery for passing parameters using ? markers.

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