Alarm Notification Pipeline, Consolidation and Scripting

Hello there,

i have a question about the Alarm Notification Pipeline. I'm new to that topic, so there might be a simple solution that im not aware of.

I want to use an Alarm Notification Block to send out Emails to a certain Roster.
Now it can occur that i have two Alarms at the same time, or a few seconds delayed. I know how to use the consolidation, works fine for us.

Now my only issue is, that i want the Email to be send to everyone in the Roster within one Email.

For Exampel:

Roster 1

Person A
Person B
Person C

I need an Email like this:

To: Person A, Person B, Person C
CC: .......

Right now, every User of the roster receives a seperat Email.

I Could do that with scripting (also with cc, and bcc) but then i cant use the Alarm Consolidation.

Is there a efficient way to accomplish both, the consolidation of alarms and sending out only one mail?
Maybe there is a way to consolidate alarms, and then pass them to a script which triggers an email?

I really appreciate any help and tipps.



The email contains a link to acknowledge the alarm that is unique to each user, so must be sent separately. Perhaps if you disable two-way notification. Or try the simple one-way profile that doesn't use a pipeline.