Alarm Notification Pipeline: Email not showing 24 Hour format or am/pm

I was just testing an alarm and I noticed the time was 08:21:02, but it was 16:21 at night.
I guessing it somethingin the Gateway or project properties.

Anyone else seen this or have an answer?

Hi thowsham,

is it possible that this is just a timezone issue? Otherwise it should be either
“08:21 pm” and “20:21” or
“04:21 pm” and “16:21”

Here is what I got from sending an Alarm

Gateway Time just recorded after a few minutes:

I fixed it.
My Time expression was wrong.

I had At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss }, alarm “{name}” at “{displayPath}” transitioned to {eventState}. Instead it should have been At {eventTime|hh:mm:ss a}, alarm “{name}” at “{displayPath}” transitioned to {eventState}.

It was from an Ignition Exchange Import.

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