Alarm Notification Pipeline Runtime Properties

Hi Guys,

I am trying to use some alarm properties in my pipeline script block. I can get alarm event properties (e.g. and associated data (e.g. event.asset_name) but I can’t seem to work out how to get runtime properties - e.g. event.ackUser does not work.


When you configure an alarm you designate up to 3 different pipelines: Ack, Active, and Clear.

Is the pipeline you’re trying to access this property in designated as an Ack pipeline for the alarm? Did you disable the Acknowledged dropout condition for that pipeline?

Hi Kevin, yes to both your questions, see screenshots below:




What version of Ignition is this? You might need to call into support and let them have a look. A quick test I put together with a print statement in the script block was able to capture the event.ackUser from an ack via the vision alarm status table, but I was using the latest 8.0.x dev version.

Hi Kevin, thanks for your input, we only have the basic care support contract (email support only so I usually try the forums first). We are currently running V7.9.9, so my pipelines are all still global and thus am not able to do a print statement… I am also acknowledging through the email link rather than the alarm status table… I just retried through the alarm status table - no difference. I am upgrading to V8 soon so maybe I will wait until then to see if it resolves itself.

At very least, its nice to know that event.ackUser is correct.

Just tried with event.ackUserName which works - good enough for me!

It’s strange that AckUserName works because it’s a calculated property off of AckUser. Is it possible your script was not correctly handling the AckUser value, which is not a String but a QualifiedPath value?

Ahhhh, thanks Kevin, changing that line of code to user = str(event.ackUser) resolved the issue!