Alarm Notification Pipeline Selection Gone

Has anyone ever lost the option to add an alarm notification pipeline to their tag in the alarm configuration like in the image below?

Its very odd, i have never seen this and this just happened today, or at least I just noticed.
This is a new alarm I was adding.

Does anyone have any ideas what the problem is?
Ignition system is on 7.9.17

Is the alarm notification module installed? Is it working correctly, on the gateway?

Name Version Description License State
Alarm Notification 4.9.17 (b2021010514) Provides alarm notifications via email Activated Running

It is installed. Another thing missing is the email notification properties.
They show up on other alarm tags that already have alarm notification pipelines configured.
This is a dev server that I created all the alarms on and moved to production.
They are showing up in production but not the dev server now.
As far as I know they’re working.
Its kinda hard to test an alarm and notification since I can’t create a new one to test.

Are there any errors in the logs when you start the designer? Or obvious errors in the gateway logs?

One other thing to try, since it’s a dev gateway:

  1. Shut down the gateway.
  2. Find the .alarms_$timestamp file in the gateway installation directory /data folder.
  3. Delete it, restart the gateway.

That fixed it, thank you.