Alarm Notification Pipeline - Time modification in email

Hello All,

I cannot find any documentation anywhere that details more regarding Alarm Notification Pipeline, more in specific, how to manipulate the time that displays.

By default, the email message has {eventTime|hh:mm:ss} which displays the server timestamp.

I need to add 3 hours on top of this. How can I get this done?

Thank you all in advance,

David Choi

Perhaps addHours could be used in the expression to get the result you want.

Or include timezone in the format.

Hello Justin,

Thank you for the suggestion, but the result comes out when I try using addHours:
Whether I wrap the entire statement with curly bracket or not, comes out to be like this.

Nevermind, your method did work by putting in a "Set Property" block, and calling the name of the new property in the place of {eventTime} instead.

Thank you!

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