Alarm notification problem


I ´ve a problem with the alarm notification pipeline, my ignition Gateway is under the latest version 8.0.9 .
I don´t know why, but when active an alarm on a memory tag i receive the mail notification without problems, it works fine, but when i do it with a opc tag i don´t receive it and think that it does´n entry in the pipeline.
I have checked again and i am thinking that it is not a problem regardding kind of tag i think is related about the alarm enabled

associated parameter. If it is always TRUE you don´t have any problem but if you put it to a memory tag to enable or disable the alarm the problem appears.
Any idea about the problem?

I need the notifications working urgently because my client …

Thank you very much.

I have solved the problem.
The problem was that i put on the enabled parameter after alarm processing it must be before.

Thanks anyway.