Alarm Notification Profile HTML-formatted Custom Messages

I would like to use HTML email notifications instead of plain text formatted messages. I have an HTML table of information, which looks great as Mouseover Text, but not so cool as an alert message. The problem is that there is no simple way to make a plain text table of data look good.

Since the body of an email can be sent as both HTML and plan text, I assume that an HTML Custom Message would have added to the alarm configuration, and the choice of sending Plain Text, HTML Text, or both to a specific email address would have to be configured in the Contact Information.

I also found out that if the length of the Custom Message is greater than the defined length of the ‘strvalue’ field of the ‘alarm_event_data’, the message does not get sent. An error message is written to the Console, but I would prefer that the message be truncated and sent, rather than not sent due to a journal error.

We are also seeking to do this as there is quite a limitation to just the basic text/plain formatting one can do.

We are simply planning on calling a project script method that manages building a proper HTML email and sending this through the built-in gateway email functionality.

This allows one a great deal more flexibility with email formatting…