Alarm Notification Properties - Multiple Tags

Any scripting options to insert alarm pipeline for Active, Acknowledged, Cleared categories for multiple tags at one time? Normally I would use the Find % Replace feature, but in this case the tags that have alarms setup do not currently have any pipelines inserted into the tag.

Will I have to go through all of these alarmed tags one by one? All tags will use the same notification pipeline.

The short answer is yes. How you get there is a little bit more of a task. Is there a common name for the tags that have the alarms or are you looking for any tags that have alarms configured?

The first part is creating a function that queries a tag provider or folder. Once you have that data you can create a function that iterates through the results of that query and uses the system.tag.configure() function to set the "activePipeline", "clearPipeline" and "ackPipeline" for each tag you want to modify.