Alarm Notification Sender Domain Error

I am receiving this error in my logs when trying to use the alarm notification pipeline -

I am having no issues using this script - = 'Profile 1',fromAddr="", subject="Test", body=body, html=1, to=recipients)

The notification block is configured as such -

With the roster calculated like below. The "to email address" and "from email address" are the same in both the script and pipeline.

And my notification profile, "Email 1" is set to use "Profile 1" which is tested and working through the script console.

Is there some step or setting I am missing? All other sources I can find say that error occurs because of incorrect domain or foreign characters but the same From Address is working in the script. I do notice in the field for "From Address" in the block editor there appears to be a space before the address, not sure if this is just a cosmetic issue but I am unable to remove it.

I could be wrong but it looks like there may be some leading whitespace in you From Address parameter in the email1 notification settings. You could also test creating a simpler notification pipeline to try and isolate the issue.

Yes, I noticed that as well but I'm unable to remove it. No matter what I enter into that field there is leading whitespace. I did try adding leading whitespace into the from address on my script and it still worked as expected but maybe it is not the same effect.

I'm not sure how I can make the pipeline any simpler and still test it, this is all that it is at the moment -

I was using the Ack pipeline instead of the Active Pipeline, that error was throwing me off though.