Alarm Notification with a delay


I have configured an opc tag and an alarm pipeline to trigger a mail notification whenever the value reaches the set point.
I would like to trigger with below condition,
For eg:
Setpoint =190.
When actual tag value reaches 190-> Trigger a mail notification.
And wait for 10 mins (even when the actual tag fluctuates and reaches 190 or above - do not trigger mail notification).
After 10 mins , again the check the actual tag and now if it reaches 190 or above - trigger the mail notification.
And if a mail triggered , again wait for 10 mins.
Any ideas to achieve this?

Hi Dharani_T, you might use a loop in your alarm notification pipeline to achieve that. This is an example of how to configure a simple loop in the pipeline: Pipeline - Simple Loop - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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