Alarm Notification

Have a new system with almost 300 alarms
Looking for way to:

  1. allow user to enable/disable an alarm from been sent out as an SMS, still needs to show in alarm status
  2. Depending on Alarm Priority and time of day if the SMS is sent e.g so only Critical alarms outside of working hours. User needs also be able change priority of alarm
    Need to make it dynamic rather than creating 300 enable SMS tags

You should be able to accomplish something like this with a script block within your alarm pipeline that calls event.cancelNotification() based on a condition. The first thought that comes to mind is to use alarm associated data or, yes, an “Enable SMS” tag. What do you mean when you say this needs to be dynamic? How were you hoping to have your window configured?

An expression, switch, or script block could accomplish this. As for changing the priority of an alarm, you can do that via scripting, using system.tag.editAlarmConfig().